Erick Friis

Student • Programmer • Entrepreneur

Hey, I'm Erick Friis

I currently study Computer Science at MIT. I work on projects ranging from web applications to iPhone screen repairs, and I love improving my skillset.

Whether your project requires my current abilities or brings me out of my comfort zone, I'd love to help out!

This is what I do

I provide software engineering, desktop and mobile web application, hardware, and data analysis services.


I can build cross-platform software applications. Please inquire for more information.

Web Applications

Most of my current projects are built using PHP/MySQL or Node.js on the server and JavaScript in the browser, but I am willing to learn anything to build your dream app. See examples below.


I have run Friis Tech Help, a small hardware repair business since eighth grade. At the moment, it lives out of my dorm room. I fix anything from iPhone screens to laptop hard drives.

Data Analysis

Need numbers crunched or beautiful reports? Inquire here.


Here are some of the projects that I've worked on.

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Exeter Admissions Web Application
SliderTool Web Application
Dorm Grill Web Application
Friis Tech Help Tech/Hardware Services
Timer Coach Online Projects
rEvolver Online Projects